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Zefoy 2023, is the Best and Safe Tool to Get Tiktok Likes Followers, and Views.


If you want to increase your likes and followers on your TikTok account, then zefoy is the best and safest choice. It is an online platform where you can improve your TikTok account’s rating within one click. However, you can get free followers, likes, and views to your videos, also comments and shares.


Nowadays, Everyone wants publicity and gets to be a prominent personality. To get promoted, many people make videos on trending sounds on TikTok. But they didn’t get what they want. Over a billion users made their efforts to become a favorite sensation of others within this online platform. Establishing a solid reputation takes a lot of time. However, to come into the feed they need millions of followers and likes.


Moreover, this is the only site where you get promoted without wasting time. That’s the reason which makes this site more and more famous among TikTok users. This platform offers an instant boost to your account. There are some elements that you should take into account while choosing a platform for video views and likes. Before making your final choice, you must know the factors like what exactly is it, and what does it do? To access all the details about this platform, read below.


About Zefoy.pk


It is an online website providing bot likes and followers. Many TikTok users use it to acquire fake followers, likes, views, shares, and comments also. Further, it is the newly developed platform that’s getting famous day by day and creating buzz among TikTok users for many good reasons. You can get unlimited fake likes, followers, comments, shares, and views by only pasting their video links.


However, this website is brand new and has incomplete options. But, in a limited time, it has gone viral as a video-sharing application. This site is unique and much different from its alternatives. The best thing is that they didn’t require any login to your media accounts. You can get bot followers, likes, shares, etc like taking candy from a baby.


Like other social media bot websites, there is also no explanation or confirmation related to it. Is it a legal platform or not? Is it safe to use this platform? Many people showed their concern about these. Therefore, there are many reasons to believe it is a suspicious website.


In addition to these, the website’s domain was created on 20th October 2020, however, the website’s trust index is only 2%, which is an adverse sign.

Step to-step Guide to using this Tool 

It is very simple and user-friendly to use this tool as compared to its alternatives. You can easily get likes, views, comments, shares, and followers within a few steps given below,

  • Go to any browser of your desktop and search Zefoy com


  • Open the website and fill up the CAPTCHA, and get access to the page


  • Once you get to the page, chose the one option whatever you want to boost


  • There will be a search bar that appeared after choosing that option paste URL of your video or your account’s link to increase views, likes, shares or followers.


  • Tap/click on search and wait for 2-3 minutes and reopen your app. There you can see the difference between before and after. 

Essential attributes of Zefoy

There are some essential attributes of the site to be mentioned below. It will help you to choose a platform that is completely dependent on your desires.


There’s no Registration or Login

This online platform becoming one of the top websites for increasing likes, views, and shares. It is simple and easy to use as compared to other social networks. However, there might be some easy steps but they didn’t require any logins or registrations. It also doesn’t ask about any personal data like your name or age.


All you have to do is,

  • Go to Zefoy com
  • Fill up the CAPTCHA, and get access to the page


This is how you get a permit to this website and do whatever you want to promote. Similarly, Its popularity among users is all due to the lack of registration or login conditions. No credit card information or specifics are required to get in on this website, as you have to do in other certain apps.

Its use is Free

This tool is free of cost. There is no subscription or fee for getting bot likes, followers, views, etc, as other promotion platforms charge. You can get unlimited bot likes followers and shares etc per day. It allows you to increase your followers and exposure.

Reliable for all Tiktok Accounts

Currently, Tiktok is the most widely used video app to make videos on trending sounds worldwide. It serves as a means for many people to share their videos and their daily live vlogs. Nevertheless, one of the main difficulties people face is not getting enough views on their videos. That’s why they search for promotion tools. But not like other boosting tools, it does not require any specs that your account must hold.


This is an essential feature, as it eliminates the concern over compatibility with your TikTok account. There should be no trouble while using Zefoy as long as your profile is validated. In addition, regardless of account size or current view count, all accounts acquire the exact things that others do.

Available on both desktop and mobile

It is available on both desktop and mobile. You can use it on your desktop by browsing and downloading it in your Android mobile phones from Google PlayStore as an application.

Is Zefoy views and followers are real?

Similar to any other social media bot-generating websites and apps, there is not much certainty about the authenticity of this site also. However, it should definitely be used with caution. As a viewer, seeing that someone on TikTok is full of bot accounts definitely appears less believable, and even facilitates people not to interact with social media accounts.


Nowadays, new sites like Zefoy are getting popular and emerging on the internet, but somehow there are also other ways to increase the popularity of TikTok accounts that don’t implicate misleading and tricking your followers.

Is Zefoy Safe?

There might be a possibility that TikTok will ban your account temporarily or permanently. So if you are using a bot-based follower generator, several security risks may arise. Any third-party website or application that optimizes your Tiktok account is never endorsed by the company.

Some Best Alternatives

There are many websites that are currently providing similar features to Zefoy, out of them I have mentioned 4 best alternatives of it:


  • Ketuy
  • Liker Tool
  • Try Jeffrey
  • techysuper.com
  • techmastermindsk.com

In Conclusion

Zefoy is a newly developed site and in a limited time creates a buzz among TikTok users. This site claims to provide free fake hearts, bot fans, bot followers, likes, views, shares, and comments without any login requirements.

Furthermore, like any other social media bot website, there is still no clarification and confirmation in regard to the validity of this portal. My personal opinion on these sites is that you shouldn’t use such types of Social bot websites to get free fake followers, likes, views, and shares because it might put your account in trouble and you get banned from TikTok.

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