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StoriesDown: Now You Can Watch And Download Instagram Stories Secretly.


Instagram has become one of the best and favorite platforms among people all over the world. There are many people worldwide who loved to spend their time on Instagram and watch others’ stories, posts, and videos. They always need a way to get a chance to StoriesDown load them and watch those posts, stories, and videos later or anonymously. But, unfortunately, Instagram does not provide a source or way to do this activity.

Particularly, your problem is now coming to an end, StoriesDown is an online platform and software which seems very worthwhile in allowing this kind of activity. In this article, we have covered the overall aspects of Stories Down and its amazing traits and use. And also discussed its alternatives.

What’s Instagram StoriesDown?

StoriesDown Instagram stories viewer, also known as StoriesIG is a software and tool that helps Instagram users to download numerous stories, videos, and posts from different Instagram accounts anonymously. Moreover, the interesting thing is this, it keeps everything hidden from the turn that you perform on people’s Instagram IDs. This helps the users to watch different stories unknowingly on Instagram. The more interesting thing about this platform is that you don’t need to worry about having an account or sharing your personal information.

Further, people become so satisfied when they come to know about the outstanding features of this online platform. There may be some exceptional qualities of this instrument that people enjoy while using it.

How to Operate Stories Down to Download Insta Stories?

As we discussed above, this Stories Down site is very easy to use. Ones don’t need to sign up for watching and downloading stories. Below are the steps you need to follow to use it to watch and save Instagram stories.

Step 1:

Copy the Instagram title of the account whose stories you want to see

Step 2:

Opens the StoriesDown website, also commonly known as StoriesIG on your browser whichever your favorite is. Just make sure your JavaScript is turned on.

Stories Down


Step 3:
Then, type or paste the Instagram account’s username into the search bar box and then click the “Search” button.


Step 4:

The website will process the account you have searched for and all of the stories, which it collects and shows to you.

Note: It will open the ‘Stories’ tab by default. But if you want to see and download posts you have to click on the ‘Posts’ tab.

Step 5:

To download them, there is a link given below every story or post. So you just have to click on that link to download and it will begins automatically.  


That’s how you are able to download Instagram stories with the help of the StoriesDown website. Similarly, the same procedure is for downloading the posts. And they won’t even know anything. Also if it will be removed or disappeared from their Insta accounts you still have a copy of it.

Is StorisIG safe to use?

Stories Down.

Whenever you see a website or an app like stories down, there will be a question raised in your mind that is it safe enough to use or not?

When it comes to third-party apps for its users, Instagram made some rules and regulations about how they can be used. Instagram doesn’t really like when people save other people’s Instagram stories on their own gadgets by downloading them.

That’s why you should only use good third-party apps that are believed to keep your personal information private and confidential and keep you safe from getting caught. There’s always a little risk when using apps like this, but as long as you’re careful and properly aware of how to use their features, you will always be fine.

Its Merits and Demerits

StoriesDown Instagram is the best site that delivers you the service for watching and saving Instagram stories. Like everything else, it contains some merits and demerits. Let’s have a look at it.


There are many good things about the Stories Down/StoriesIG that are, 

  • It is easy to operate and also works on all platforms, so anyone can use it. It also allows users to save posted videos and photos of others.
  • It enables you to watch and read Instagram stories without letting anyone know. So now you can look at the stories of people you don’t want to show that you have watched their stories.
  • Also you don’t have to sign up for an account to use Instagram StoriesIG.
  • At last, it is safe and reliable to use.


From the above discussion, apparently, you are considering it to be an ideal platform. But it is not a perfect one. There are also some demerits of StoriesDown Instagram that you should know.

  • The main demerit of this site is that you will not get access to the stories, posts, and videos of Private Profiles. It will only have access to the accounts that are public.
  • Another demerit is that there is no surety that this tool will be available in the future. As you have seen many similar tools are no longer available for use.

Most satisfactory Traits of StoriesDown

Probably, you will have a gesture of satisfaction and happiness when knowing about the interesting features of this web tool. All things considered, Instagram users pass through a delightful environment while getting the merits to use this software.

Check Accounts Anonymously

It gives an opportunity to users to explore Different Instagram account stories, posts, and videos. Further, you also don’t have to be worried of sharing your identity. It makes you tension free as the next person will know nothing anything when you download their stories or posts.

Download Stories or Posts

The best another feature of StoriesDown Instagram is offering the chance for its users to download any of their favorite stores, photos, and posts quite easily. However, users can get anything on their mobile very smoothly. There are no restrictions or difficulties for users in making these moves

Friendly Interference

Another best feature of this website is that it is very simple to operate and has user-friendly interference. It does not need much time to check out the stories or posts of another person. With just in few simple steps you will get what you have wished for.

No Need for Sign up

The most impressive and trustworthy attribute that holds plenty of users’ attention. Moreover, the users may visit the one’s account unlimited time without having an account. It also allows the users to save any of their liked posts, and stories secretly. You should try this to obtain an excellent experience.


Instagram StoriesDown is a web tool that supports you in different ways. It is one of the best platforms for people who want to watch and download any content from Instagram accounts.

So you can get the most liked stories without having the tension of revealing your identity. There are many more similar amazing facts that this web is providing to people. Therefore, If you want to know more about this web tool, you should visit the above body text.

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