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Picnob: Instagram Viewer, Downloader its Features and Top Alternatives


Instagram boasts a massive user base of over a billion individuals. Instagram is a versatile platform for photo and video sharing and business promotion. Nevertheless, Instagram’s stringent policies often create barriers for users aiming to download and access content from the app.

This is where Picnob enters, which is a web-based tool that streamlines the process of anonymously viewing and downloading Instagram photos and videos with remarkable efficiency. It empowers users to effortlessly navigate Instagram profiles, conduct searches using hashtags or usernames, and promptly acquire any desired image or video.

This article contains detail of the advantages of utilizing the Pic nob Instagram downloader and viewer. Discover how this tool can unlock Instagram’s complete potential.

What is Picnob? Details About Picnob


Back in 2019, an anonymous group of coders developed this platform who were looking for a way to access Instagram profiles and view their content without leaving a trace. The full form of Picnob is “Pictures Nobody,” highlighting its key feature of anonymity.

Moreover, it is also formally known as Pixwox. So, everyone could stalk anyone’s profile, view their stories, and do a lot more. It is pretty self-explanatory that you can watch anyone’s account while being a Mr. Nobody.

Key Features of Picnob



Here you can explore content like pictures and videos of public profiles anonymously. Worrying about others finding your profile visits become a thing of the past. This extensive key feature allows you to navigate Instagram privately, satisfying the curiosity within us.

No Signup Required


Unlike other apps, it does not demand any login or social media account linkage. No Google or Apple accounts are needed either. Simply download the app, search for desired accounts, and discreetly enjoy your preferred content.

Untraceable Usage


Concerned about leaving traces? Well, Pixwox ensures your privacy first. There’s no risk of exposure, as the app doesn’t gather or display account information or names.

Image Zoom Capability


Differing from regular Instagram, Picnob includes a zoom-in feature for images. This means you can closely examine content by zooming in on pictures and videos for enhanced detail.

Ad-Free Medium


Let’s forget about intrusive ads and data mining. This site boasts an ad-free interface, granting you seamless access to its various options and features without interruptions of multiple pop-up ads.

User-Friendly Interface


Moreover, Navigating Picturenob is a breeze, even for first-time users. The app’s buttons and navigation elements are intuitive and self-explanatory. No special instructions are required, which makes it easy for anyone to utilize.

Offline Content Saving


Unlike the official Instagram app, it allows you to save pictures, images, stories, and profile pictures directly to your device. This handy and extensive feature sets it apart from the limitations of the original Insta app.

How do get Downloaded the Picnob app?


Access the Website


Open your preferred web browser and navigate to Pic Nobody’s website.

No Download Option


If you prefer not to download the app, you can directly use it through their official website.

Download the App (Optional)


If you decide to use the app, go to the official website and locate the APK file for the app.

App Stores


Alternatively, you can find the app on the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iOS devices). And choose the app version based on your device type (Android or iOS).

Install the App


After downloading the app, install it on your device. If prompted, grant the necessary permissions for third-party apps on your device.

Guide to Use Pixwox to View Content Anonymously


  • First, open the app on your device.
  • After opening the app, there you can see a prominent search bar at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the Instagram username of the person, whose content you want to access, in the search bar. Confirm accuracy in typing the username.
  • Tap the “Enter” or “Search” button on your device’s keyboard to start the search.
  • And in a while, it displays the Instagram profile of that person. There you can see the content which includes photos, stories, and videos.
  • Browse through the profile’s content and select the specific photo or video you wish to download.
  • After selecting the desired content, locate and tap the “Save” or “Download” option. This action prompts the content to be downloaded.


With the aid of the above steps, you can effectively use this medium to anonymously access and download Instagram profile content. Whether you opt for the website or the app, Pixwox simplifies the process of exploring and saving content from Instagram.

What Picnob does do with its Users’ Information?


Picturenob ensures that user information and data remain unstored within the platform. Nevertheless, the app might gather non-personal data, like user interactions, to enhance its overall performance.

Pros and Cons


Best Alternatives Other Instagram Viewer Apps


If you’re searching for alternatives to Picnob.com that are better or simpler to use, we’ve got you covered. Here are some options you can consider to satisfy the curious explorer in you:



Engage in a visually enriching exploration of Instagram’s vast image collection with ExploreGram.



Reimagine your Instagram feed using GridMaster’s innovative grid layout customization features.



Discover breathtaking global imagery through thoughtfully curated collections on ImageHub.



Foster connections within the Instagram community through networking features offered by InstaConnect.



Experience high-resolution Instagram visuals in all their captivating glory with InstaGaze.



Immerse yourself in a modern interface and extra options, elevating your interaction with Instagram content.



Zoom into Instagram photos for detailed examinations with the magnifying glass-like InstaZoom.



Utilize advanced search filters for swift access to captivating images and profiles.



Through StorySaver you will never miss captivating stories and you can download and enjoy them later.



It explores trending hashtags and popular posts effortlessly. The platform has a user-friendly interface

Why Choose Picnob Viewer over other similar platforms?


When comparing Pixwox to other popular stalking apps like InstaDP, InstaProfile, and StoriesIG, it offers a range of features that others might lack. However, it’s evident that each app offers a unique set of features and functionalities.

While the Picture Nobody viewer app emphasizes anonymity, privacy, and content saving, InstaDP focuses solely on profile pictures, InstaProfile provides full profile viewing only, and StoriesIG enhances the experience with access to just Instagram Stories. The choice between these apps depends on individual preferences for features and the depth of content exploration.


In a changing world where Instagram connects people, Picnob offers a new way to explore the platform. It brings fresh experiences that make you feel excited and interested. With its innovative features, like a user-friendly interface, and the ability to explore different parts of Instagram over time. These features set it apart from other Instagram viewing apps. 

Moreover, it opens a door to the future of using Instagram. So let’s start this exciting journey now and change the way you enjoy Instagram!