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Google Snake Mods: User Guidance and Some Best Mods for Snake Games?‍

Google Snake Mods

Time to Recall that old-school classic game we all used to play. In which we slither around and accumulate the red dots. Everyone remembers playing that snake game at least once on our Nokia Phones. 

A simple game that is popular then, and even now as new technology develops, the game has put through some modifications and updates like new maps and themes. Now, there are multiple options to customize the game depending on your own choices. These customizing options of the game are known as the Google Snake Mods.

To play and have some fun, just type Snake Game in the Google search bar. However, if you want new challenges in your game and you are not familiar with how to get mods on google snake game? So we are providing you with some easy and short steps to add snake mods to your game and some interesting mods that you should try at once.

How to add google snake mods to the snake game?

Below is step-by-step guidance about how to download and use snake mod on your computer.

Step 1:

First, you have to download the snake mod menu for Google Snake Game. Open the GitHub website page and click on “MoreMenu.html“ and download it to your computer.

Google Snake Mods

Step 2:

Secondly, open the chrome browser and by using the shortcut key “Ctrl + Shift + O” open the Bookmark manager.

Google Snake Mods

Step 3:

Now, go to the 3 dots in the top right corner and select “Import Bookmarks”.

Google Snake Mods

Step 4:

Import the “MoreMenu.html“  file from the downloads that you have just downloaded.

Google Snake Mods

Step 5:

Your google snake mods menu has been uploaded to the Chrome Browser under Imported Bookmarks on your Computer.

Google Snake Mods

Step 6:

After that, go and search “snake game” in Google and click on the ‘Play’ button. After this, click on the “cogwheel” icon and its settings page will open.

Google Snake Mods

Step 7:

After getting into the settings page, click the 3-dot menu on the top-right corner of the browser and choose ‘Bookmarks’ again. By scrolling down, you will see the “Imported” files folder. Finally, choose “More Menu Stuff”.

That’s how new mods are added to your snake games like dark mode, new maps, animated colors, etc. 


By following these easy little steps you can successfully get mods on your google snake game. Now you can enjoy your game with different mods of new maps, change colors, or can also change the speed of your snake.

However, if you face any errors or no longer want to use these mods. Simply remove the google snake mod file from the bookmarks.

Some Best Mods of Google Snake Game Mod

If you are scrutinizing the best Google Snake mods, “Dark Snake Gang” generated a great mod to try. It contains all-around mods that brings everything to the classic Snake game. You can add more characters, change the map and background, adjust the speed, bring new objects, remove the walls on all edges, and many more. Details of the best mod are given below.

Dark Mode

Nowadays every one loves the dark mode theme, they loved to play their favorite browsing game in dark mode. If you are a shady lover too, Then it’s only fair to allow you to enjoy your favorite snake game in a black theme. Because everything is much more fascinating and seems cool in black. Not only this, but you can also add other colors of your own choice too by using these google snake mods.

Mouse controlling

This mod is very helpful as we all know the google snake game is played by the keyboard only. But not anymore, by adding mouse mode to your game, you can play it with the help of your computer mouse. You can direct your snakes and move freely without any grid. Further, there is no longer linear movements that’s kind of fun.

Altering the board size

By operating this mod, you can easily change the board size of the Google Snake game. At Some point, you want to move endlessly in one direction and not feel constrained by the wall. This google snake mods make it possible to happen. You are able to do whatever you want with the board by changing the board size as big as possible.


Furthermore, This is an amazing little mod that makes your snake invisible on the board. So Basically, you can not see your snake’s movement, but you still need to do some right moves to win. Sounds interesting, right? Naturally, this happens while the game is loading when your internet runs out. In view of this, the developers have made a mod for this scenario.

Remove Google Snake Walls

This is another one of the best Google Snake mods that remove walls from all sides. So you can play as long as you want without any blockage. However, touching the snake’s own tail is the only way to lose the match. Regardless, you’ll have enjoyment once the snake’s length gets bigger.

Save your record

As Google doesn’t usually keep a record of your high scores and the fastest times that you have made. Enable this mod while playing the Google Snake game, so It will save your personal bests along with the time required to complete a game. You only require to put the HTML file as a bookmark, and it will start working without any issues.

Other Google snake mod

Moreover, Users who are currently looking for more Google Snake mods can go to this GitHub website. Here you can find several other enjoyable mods. Dark Snake Gang along with its supporters is able to manage this project. Furthermore, You just have to open the project, find the mod that suits you, and add the HTML file to your browser’s bookmark section. And that’s it.

Have Fun While Playing Snake Game

So these are some best mods that are favored among the Google Snake game society. Now, you can enjoy playing the google snake game precisely.  Anyhow, we hope this will add up value to your gaming experience. Hope you will enjoy each of these google snake mods and customize your game to your own choices.

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