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Gala App Game, Now Players Can Earn Cryptocurrency And NFTs via Gameplay

gala app

A new game, Gala is in the market where players can easily earn Cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens by just playing video games. Further, there are tournaments so users can take part and play available games in Gala App. Players get their blockchain base Gala tokens as a reward. The platform has given many titles according to its game functionality. However, its native token is GALA, which is excessively used to secure the platform and provide incentives to different players.

What is  Game Gala App?

Gala Games is a blockchain-based which offers a play-to-earn gaming platform that rewards players with its digital assets for their in-game achievements. Gala Games marks a major weakness that video game players have struggled with in the past —  which is the ability to take ownership of items earned through gameplay.


The Gala game app holds many titles like real-time strategy(RTS), Multiplayer Online Battle Area (MOBA), Role-Playing Games (RPG), and many more. No matter, the gameplay differs extensively between titles, each rewards players with digital assets including the GALA cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


App Gala games mainly run on the Ethereum Network. Further, this platform has done a partnership with the Polygon Network also and successfully built up a bridge to the BNB chain with the Polygon Network bridge App. Allowing users to share and trade their tokens at declined gas fees.


Its native token is GALA, an ERC-20 token used for in-game purchases and as a medium of exchanging tokens between multiple participants interacting within the Gala Games Ecosystem. Recently, the team announced some plans about launching their autonomous Blockchain, Project GYRI, which is powered by GALA.


Moreover, it provides a medium of exchange, that allows token-holding players to pay for items and transfer their value peer-to-peer within the platform’s ecosystem. The value may also be derived from the medium’s strong online society like the different social media Gala channels.

How to Download and launch the gala app?

We are providing a step-by-step guide for you to download and install the Gala Launcher. However, knowing how to download the Gala Launcher helps its users to install games from the Gala Games Website on their personal computers.

Step 1:

Sign up on the Gala game account and click games

gala app

Step 2:

As you get into the game sections, users will be able to choose the games which they love to play. Now navigate to the game and Click Download

gala app

Step 3:

After clicking you will see a download prompt appears to ask to install the Gala app Launcher. Then Click Open

gala app

Step 4:

As the installer opens, click on Next to initiate the installation process.

gala app

Step 5:

Click on I Agree If you agree with the terms of services.

gala app

Step 6:

The installation process will begin. This process will take some time to complete, which depends on the computer’s speed. After, the Installation process gets complete, click Close.


Step 7:

Now go back to the game page and click install & play your desired game.

gala app

How Do Gala Games App Work?

Not similar to other video games, which are based around a central server, ownership of the Gala app is shared between its users and owners of the GALA token. Owners who hold sufficient GALA tokens in their custody can supply computing and coding resources by forming a node. Consequently, Node operators place their GALA holdings in exchange for the power to validate transactions and generate user activity.

Furthermore, In exchange, node operators have voting power on community proposals, according to their node’s history and the number of GALA tokens they own. This localized, blockchain-based approach has numerous benefits for the users and node operators. That includes increased obscurity and decreased chance of hacking or invalid use of customer payment data.

What is Gala Node?

Gala Nodes help players to secure their Gala Games app network. You will receive points in the “Daily Distribution” as a node operator, and then NFTs, game items, GALA coins, and TownStar coins, added to your treasure trunk. It helps in ecosystem development. It is one of the best ways to support the Gala project!

How do you get your Node?

To get a node, all you have to do is to:

  •  Sign up for a Gala account
  •  Move GALA tokens and ETH to your account wallet
  •  Finally, purchase your node license

Best Gala app games

Gala Games presents a variety of games that gain the attraction of millions of players to the platform. So that we have discussed the best and most popular games below,

Town Star

It is the first game that the Gala app introduces on its platform. Here, different players compete to collect the essential components of a functioning town, like water points, crops, and storage facilities. In the end, winners get the reward of the weekly prize pool. 

Spider Tanks

It is a multiplayer online battle arena game. Here different players fight within a range of maps using various arms like guns etc.


A delusional role-playing video game where players used to fight with monsters, develop lands and earn rewards for their in-game achievements.


It is a player-versus-player (PvP) tower defense game. Players use various strategies to attack other players’ villages and defend their own.


It is a third-party sharpshooter game that takes place in a fantasy kingdom. Recently, the Gala app released this game to the steam marketplace.

In addition to these games, the Gala Games app is in process of developing additional ones. Some upcoming releases comprise “Last Expedition” a survival-based first-person shooter and a turn-based RPG that is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.


Online earnings via playing different games and trading on stock markets are getting favored these days. Players, who would want to begin earning and trading GALA can sign up for an account on the Gala app. However, you can invest a reasonable amount of cryptocurrency which can be a fun and exciting way to enter the sphere without spending thousands. Investors should be careful and remember that cryptocurrencies are exceptionally volatile investments and there are no guarantees of return.


Can you earn from the gala games app?

GALA, is an ERC-20 token, which means it mainly operates using the Ethereum network. Users not only can earn GALA via playing games but can also gain access to exclusive digital assets and NFTs as rewards.

How much does the gala pay you?

$19 per hour, is the estimated total pay for a Game Master at Gala-Net.

How much does one GALA worth?

Today’s live Gala price is $0.040257 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $90,140,468 USD.

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