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Is Clevo nh70 Compatible Gaming Laptop? Here is a detailed Review of nh70

Clevo nh70

Playing Games on laptops is getting the primary need of the new generation. They love to dive into the virtual metrics of the gaming world. So they searched for the best machine for playing games.

Clevo nh70 is a powerful 17.3 inches that are specifically designed for playing games.  It consists of a Full HD screen, Intel Core i7 9750H processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD, creating one of the most mighty gaming laptops on the market.

However, It provides a seamless experience to its gamers due to its superior gaming performance. It is an excellent pick if you want an outstanding gaming laptop at a reasonable price. It comes in the market’s most popular and advertised laptop for its gaming attributes.

Although the laptop is jam-packed with amazing features and has the surety to provide a good gaming experience, it has some underdeveloped feature issues. Its resolution pixels and some expensive features need to be reevaluated for a better gaming experience.

There is a precise review of the Clevo NH7O (Gaming Laptop), considering your display, battery life, price, storage space, sound, and processor performance requirements and preferences is given below.

About Clevo Nh70

The Clevo featured laptop comes in one of the most powerful thermal gaming laptops. This laptop is well-known for its outstanding performance, which gives surety to provide users with a seamless experience. Further, It is available at a reasonable price so that everyone can enjoy a good gaming experience.

The nh70 has a 17.3-inch full HD display, a ninth-generation Intel core i7 processor, and apparently carries eight gigabytes of RAM to ensure a fluid gaming experience. You can also run numerous applications at a time without having any difficulty or lagging.

Clevo NH-70 Specifications

Features Specifications
Model Clevo nh70
Display !7.3 inches, HD Display
Price $1550-$1700
Pixels !27.3 pixels per inch
Resolution 1920×1080
Processor Intel Core i7 9750H
Storage 256 GB
Battery life & power 3.5 hrs, 14.4V, 3275 mAh

39.9 frame per inch

Graphic Nvidia GTX 1060 graphic card
Weight 2.5 kg
Memory speed 2666 Mhz
Operating System Windows 10 Home

Thorough Examination of Clevo Nh70 Tempting Features

Below are the details of Clevo’s main listed features

RAM (Random Access Memory)

Clevo NH 70 Ram

Clevo has fitted with 8GB of DD4 RAM, a memory type usually seen in laptops. Ram plays an important part in the functionality of a laptop or other device since it stores temporary tasks operated in the computer. As you know, the amount of RAM storage directly affects the computer’s task performance.


Clevo NH 70 Pixels

NH70 laptops consist of 127.33ppi. This indicates that the screen resolution is 1920 x 10080 pixels. The Clevo Nh70 laptop includes almost two million pixels in total. These pixels are sufficient to play common demanding games.

Further, the determination of pixel density depends on the size of the screen display. If the screen size is reduced, the pixel density increases. Also, you may face some issues while playing games that run on complex pixel dynamics.

SSD & Storage

Clevo NH 70 SSD & Storage

Clevo nh70 contains an exemplary storage of 256 GB. Certain models feature SSDs with capacities of 128GB or 256GB, and others may include SSDs with capacities of 512GB, 1TB, or ITB. These storage are enough to store a big game setup


Clevo NH 70 Processor

As above, It has an Intel core i7 9750H processor that is apt for a gamer to keep off any heating caused due to the heavy processing games. Having an Intel core and its metallic base empowers the laptop for any upcoming or suspected disturbing possibilities.


Clevo NH 70 Keyboard

Clevo Nh-70 has featured a backlight and a smooth responsive touchpad keyboard. It gives you a more memorable and professional gaming experience with the right moves. Its underneath light feature illustrates the keys and symbols more precisely.

Sound Quality

The sound system of Nh70 provides the best sound base and sound effects that are persuasive. It gives a natural experience to the players. Though you want to have the best sound experience while playing your desired game then it has the ability to fulfill it.

In the left corner of the laptop high sound quality speakers are present. It supports the efficiency of the Clevo nh70 gaming setup.


Clevo NH 70 graphics card

It came across with a pro graphic processing unit, that withstands the ultra graphic settings of various games. Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card contained in the Clevo Nh70 offer performance to the next level beyond expectations.

Disagreeing Drawbacks on Clevo 70

Clevo Nh-70 has some clashing drawbacks on some features that terminate it from the rival lane in the gaming laptops community. Let’s have a look,


The resolution that Clevo nh70 offers at 1920×1080, does not fit to provide the perfect display to its users. A large number of pixels often direct to a disrupted display that disturbs the view while tasting the new-era games.

Battery life span

Clevo NH 70 Battery life span

This laptop contains a Battery of 14.4V 3275mAh. The battery lasts a maximum of 3.5 hours which seems to be a disappointment that does not suit a gamer’s ambition of surviving long enough in a game.

Memory Speed

Clevo NH 70 Memory Speed

The memory speed that Clevo NH-70 holds is 2666 Mhz which surely does not withstand in front of the Standard gaming memory Speed. Further, The Qualified Speed that a gaming laptop should have is a minimum of 3000 Mhz of memory speed

Heavy in Weight

Clevo NH 70 Heavy in weight

Though gaming laptops weigh high due to their processors and inbuilt metallic elements. However, the heaviness of nh70 is  2.5 kg which is too weighty. Clevo nh70 is not suitable to be carried with for long journeys.

Is it worth buying a Clevo?

There are multiple gaming laptops and gadgets available on the market. Each device has its own unique features and characteristics, which entirely rely on your requirements and budget.

This is Clevo’s laptop that provides a good gaming experience to its customers at a very reasonable price. This device’s memory is expandable, However, its price differs based on its model.

If you want to purchase a laptop for only gaming purposes, as opposed to business and school, this is an adequate choice, although it has poor resolution and low battery life for intensive games. Somehow, You will also feel the emptiness of webcam capabilities.

Users Review

Here are some best judgments that users of  Clevo nh70 have shared publicly.

  • “The gaming laptop is primarily supposed to be heavy, and the nh70 consists of the same feature. The lightweight gaming device could have tempted many customers to its profit page. The Nh70 weighs 2.5Kg which is a lot to carry”.
  • “The hardware setup of Cleo Nh-70 is for the passionate gaming community but software with memory storage, pixels, and resolution arise questions about the Nh70 gaming setup”.

Conclusive Opinion

The Clevo Nh70 is hefty in price and the required feature that a gamer demand is an outstanding gaming experience that you may miss in this laptop. 

The High processor and a good keypad are not the only basic feature required to run a gaming laptop but also a good Battery life span, Pixels, and high resolution. As if you want a gaming laptop that comes at a reasonable price and does have nice performance so buy it.